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  • Tragedies at respiration: the most severe cases are handled with an “ax”

    To insert breathing tubes into patients, they get usually narcotized. Mainly with 2 active ingredients (Rocuronium, Vecuronium) that the US is starting to run out of. Why is it a tragedy?Well, because those who need it, they struggle with severe inflammatory reactions with extremely low vagus (parasympathetic, HRV) reserve. Based on the research of Prof. […]

  • Lung function and proinsulin c peptide

    The biggest risk the COVID-19 carries in terms of mortality is the decrease in the lungs’ overall functionality. These functions may already be damaged due to other reasons as well, for example, smokers, people with diabetes mellitus, COPD and of course people with Asthma. Also, it is an interesting consequence of Type 1 diabetes, that […]

  • COVID-19 attacks antiviral lymphocytes: but there is a solution

    (Send this to any immunologist you know, they will be happy to hear this news, maybe it is not too late.) The Corona Virus damages the antiviral CD8+ T cells, exactly those cells, which are responsible for defending us against the upper respiratory illnesses. The number of these cells and their functionality are shortened. In […]

  • The cytokine storm syndrome

    COVID-19: the cytokine storm syndrome, that can be defeated by brilliant doctors and researchers The essence in a few points: The coronavirus attacks by cytokine storm the vital organs of the infected (elderly, people with chronic diseases) whose anti-inflammatory vagus nerve activity (the cholinergic anti-inflammatory reflex) is impaired. For this reason, the coronavirus infection is […]

  • How to survive the coronavirus infection by activating the vagus

    How to survive the coronavirus infection by activating the vagus nerve with the help of central proinsulin c peptide. A special feature of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is that in certain cases it has rapid progression and triggers a so-called cytokine storm attacking vital organs, especially the lungs and the heart. The conventional antibiotic and […]