Tibor’s recovery from Stroke was measurable in just days

Tibor Malya had a stroke in December 2019. His son noticed that he was having difficulty speaking, and...

Consequences of perinatal stroke and Proinsulin C-Peptide

Emma was born into the world at 28 weeks with an emergency cesarean section. Her development has slowed...

Recovering from a stroke, Zsolt was taken to the hospital with suspicious symptoms of coronavirus – he also took C-Peptide with him.

In March, there were several cases where people with severe brain injuries experienced breathing problems associated with an...

Fantastic rehabilitation after a stroke with C-Peptide; a seemingly lasting improvement!

Zsolt had a stroke in June 2019; he told us about his rehabilitation in October. Since then, skull...

Eva’s symptoms of stroke, diabetes and extreme high blood pressure were significantly relieved by C-peptide

At the age of 6, Eva had to undergo major surgery on her legs. Perthes disease is a...

Obstructive Stroke and Proinsulin C-Peptide

‘I can function just like a normal person and it's wonderful!’ said Annamária, whose doctors gave little chance for recovery after her severe stroke....

C-peptide: Honorary President of the Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacy now feels reborn

C-peptide is remarkable, I can’t do anything but recommend it to everyone; it helped me a lot!’ Honorary President of the Hungarian Chamber of...

Intensive recovery years after stroke and Pro-insulin C-peptide

Jolan got sick in her bed one night. She realised that she had no strength and her right side was numb. She’d had a...

Stroke, cerebral oedema and proinsulin C-peptide

In the summer of 2019, Zsolt suffered from a stroke and brain oedema. Not only did he suffer from persistent migraine headaches and fatigue,...

Stroke symptoms and obsessive-compulsive disorder meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Zsuzsanna had a stroke in 2010. Recently, symptoms started to appear again. She talks about what happened to her and about the improvements in...

Post-stroke condition meets Proinsulin C-peptide

László suffered a serious stroke 8 years ago. Some ill-effects remained in his life until recently when he started to experience improvements in his...

Stroke meets Proinsulin C-peptide

Miklós had a mild stroke, and a very quick recovery afterwards. He shares his experience, 5 days after his diagnosis.

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