Neurodegenerative diseases

C- Peptide Vs Multiple Sclerosis

Endre's symptoms of multiple sclerosis began 16 years ago. This film was recorded after 1 week of C-Peptide use, but he sensed the changes...

Huntington’s disease and proinsulin C-peptide

Kati is 34 years old. She lived her life as a healthy woman until she was 30, then she was gradually overwhelmed by a...

Parkinson’s disease, depression, diabetes, and Proinsulin C-peptide

Ferenc was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease years ago. Neurologists prescribed medication for him, but his condition continued to deteriorate, and in addition to that,...

Metastatic breast cancer meets Proinsulin C-peptide

Zsóka developed a serious disease. Originally she was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, but then metastatic breast cancer developed in her body.

Parkinson’s disease meets Proinsulin C-peptide

Klári has Parkinson's disease. Her feet tremored and became weak. It was painful for her to move. She talks about the improvements in her...

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