Nervous system


Ottilia’s recurrent facial paralysis was completely eliminated by C-peptide

In December 2018, Ottília's face on the right-side became completely paralysed. The unilateral facial nerve palsy disappeared only...

Lyme disease and Proinsulin C-Peptide(long version)

László was bitten by an infectious tick when he was a child, about 60 years ago. The resulting...

Brain functions and Proinsulin C-peptide

Zsóka is a mediator and so meets many people. Recently, she has been able to become more active and efficient in her work. She...

Tamás Gajdos won the World Championship with the help of C-Peptide

Presenter Tamás Gajdos is mostly known from the television screen. An active sportsman, cross-country runner and athlete in his private life. He has reported a...

Rapid nervous system regeneration and proinsulin C-peptide

One year after his car accident, Robi Hegedűs started using C-Peptide. 3 months later Robi is able to stand up by himself and can...

Disability due to lack of oxygen at birth and Proinsulin C-peptide

Brigi and Attila suffered from nervous system damage due to a lack of oxygen at birth. From the beginning, their mother nursed them at home. The...

Severe neuro-developmental disorders, sleep disorder and epilepsy meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Bence was born with a rare, genetic neuro-developmental disorder, with only partial development of the cerebral cortex. He also has epileptic seizures, and his...

Behavioral dysfunction, dizziness, and loss of appetite meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Balázs works in a stressful workplace. He often felt dizzy, was shaking, suffered loss of appetite, and had outbursts of anger. Recently, his condition...

Nervous system problems meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Judit was suffering from high pressure because of her husband's illness. Her nervous system deteriorated, which led to many health problems, like high blood...

Guillain-Barré syndrome meets Proinsulin C-peptide

Cecilia has a rare auto-immune nervous system disease, Guillain-Barré syndrome, with paralysis, and nerve pain. She has had a significant, above-average improvement and she...

Night-time bedwetting meets Proinsulin C-peptide

Benedek who is 7 years old, suffers from bedtime urination due to a nervous system disorder. This is the third most common childhood disease....

Panic disorder, sleep disturbances and blood pressure problems meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Maria's nervous system has been weakened due to intense stress. She developed panic disorder, and faced shortness of breath, fluctuating blood pressure, hypertension, heart...

Memory problems and unsteady gait meet Proinsulin C-peptide

József always had a very reliable memory, but a few years ago problems with his memory started to appear, and his gait became unsteady...

Cystic fibrosis meets Proinsulin C-peptide

Ágnes has cystic fibrosis, which is accompanied by symptoms like continuous sinusitis, pneumonia and chronic bronchiectasis. She talks about the improvements in her condition.

Neuropathy and muscular dystrophy meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Emma had spinal problems and developed neuropathy and muscular dystrophy. She had balance problems and couldn't stand or walk by herself. She talks about...

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