Ibolya’s leg pain completely disappeared with C-Peptide

Ibolya’s diabetes caused poly-neuropathic leg pain that had been torturing her for along time. This kind of pain...

Marika no longer suffered from the burning sensation of neuropathy

Mary has been struggling with many diseases and pains for decades, but recently there has been a positive...

Katalin threw away her walking stick! Her life changed tremendously after trying C-peptide

Katalin was a bed-bound patient. She was tormented by rheumatic pains, and severe and constant headaches. She also...

The shepherd regained his vision after using C-peptide and medicinal mushrooms to be able to work on the farm again

Almost a year before the interview, László complained of discomfort and visited his family doctor, who measured a...

Eva’s symptoms of stroke, diabetes and extreme high blood pressure were significantly relieved by C-peptide

At the age of 6, Eva had to undergo major surgery on her legs. Perthes disease is a...

Parkinson’s disease, depression, diabetes, and Proinsulin C-peptide

Ferenc was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease years ago. Neurologists prescribed medication for him, but his condition continued to deteriorate, and in addition to that,...

Huntington’s disease and proinsulin C-peptide

Kati is 34 years old. She lived her life as a healthy woman until she was 30, then she was gradually overwhelmed by a...

C-peptide: Honorary President of the Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacy now feels reborn

C-peptide is remarkable, I can’t do anything but recommend it to everyone; it helped me a lot!’ Honorary President of the Hungarian Chamber of...

Chronic sinusitis, high blood pressure and diabetes meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Margit is a psychiatrist. Her life is full of stress, she works a lot, also at nights. She developed lifestyle related diseases like diabetes,...

Heart disease, fluctuating blood pressure, and diabetes meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Ernő's heart stopped several times, he was diagnosed with vasoconstriction, his blood pressure fluctuated, and his blood sugar levels were high. Due to his...

Diabetes meets Proinsulin C-peptide

Ági has suffered from many diseases over the past years. She talks about her experiences of diabetes.

High blood sugar levels meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Lenke needs to use insulin to treat her diabetes. Her blood sugar levels were regularly higher than 10 until she managed to stabilise them....

Diabetes, arthritis and sleep disorder meet Proinsulin C-peptide

Erika has diabetes, and also developed arthritis and sleep disorders. She could barely stand on her feet, and she had sleeping difficulties. She often...

Diabetes meets Proinsulin C-peptide

Mária talks about the symptoms of her diabetes and the improvements in her condition. She shares her experience and her story.

Experiences with diabetes and Proinsulin C-peptide

Erzsébet's blood glucose levels increased a few months ago and she was diagnosed with diabetes. It was possible to stabilise her condition within a...

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