Author: Gabor Varga | 25/10/2018

Intranasal proinsulin C-peptide supporting healthy brain functions to fight autism, schizophrenia, cancer, diabetes headache/migraine, obesity, inflammatory conditions, immun problems etc.

(Oversimplified explanatory summary of the content)

Our brain supports our life. If its functions are deteriorating (what can be measured for example by heart rate variability/ parasympathetic function) our life will be short. This is supported by scientific investigations. Until now no clinical trial succeeded in restoring brain functions and increasing longevity. Antipsychotic drugs – because of their side effects, causing metabolic disturbances – shorten our life.

Brain damages caused by ageing, autism, schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, oxidative problems, environmental polution etc. have in common that brain cell connections are disturbed. The proteins that support healthy brain functions are not working properly. One of the most important protein that is affected by the stressors mentioned above is Shank3. Scientists discovered that if someone can find something that can activate the Rac1-PAK-LIMK-Cofilin phosphorulation- pathway (whatever it means), in a non-toxic way, the health of the brain can be improved or maintained among others in case of Shank3 failure/deficiency. The brain can defend itself against various stressors, against psychiatric problems. If the health of the brain is maintained, the body will be also healthier by increasing the parasympathetic tone and so defeating for example cancer and diabetes, inflammatory disease, even acne and pulmonary problems  etc.

Intranasal C-peptide can activate the pathway in question. Because I had traumatic brain injury with short and also long term consequences (sleep disturbance, memory impairment, irritability) I had the opportunity to test it on myself. It worked: my memory is better than before my traumatic brain injury. I can sleep again. I am calmer than before my accident. According to clinical trials, c-peptide can also activate the parasympathetic nervous system and so support the health of our body and brain.

If a mother’s body during gestation does not produce proinsulin c-peptide due to type 1 diabetes mellitus, her child’s chance to have autism later will increase 250% compared to the children of healthy mothers. This increase is much more compared to the mothers having type 2 diabetes mellitus or gestational diabetes mellitus. This shows how important is proinsulin c-peptide especially in early brain development.

One question remains: why this hasn’t been discovered before? It is easy to apply intranasally, it is relatively cheap (related to the huge healing effect). Probably scientific dogmas ,e.g receptor saturation in case of higher doses of c-peptide or downplaying the role of our brain in peripheral health issues, downplaying the role of the so called adaptor peptides as proinsulin c-peptide, contributed to this. This is definitely a severe systemic failure of therapeutic brain science causing billions of dollars of loss not to speak about the health consequences for the whole world.

I have registered a cosmetic product containing proinsulin-c-peptide allowed to be used on the skin that will be available on Fortunately, c-peptide increases the nutritional blood flow in the skin for example in older people and smokers and so it can be explained why it is beneficial also for the skin (its absorption is facilitated by polysorbate 80).

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