Fantastic rehabilitation after a stroke with C-Peptide; a seemingly lasting improvement!

Zsolt had a stroke in June 2019; he told us about his rehabilitation in October. Since then, skull plastic surgery has also been performed. 10 months after the stroke, with the continued use of C-Peptide, Zsolt has started to become his usual self as he was before the stroke, both physically and mentally, and doctors were just amazed at the rate of rapid improvement that is not at all common in other cases.
After the cranial plastic surgery, the wound was sutured and healed very quickly, and his doctor was able to remove the stitches three days after the otherwise serious surgery. The man is now expanding the limits of his physical capacity in his own self-made small gym, training two to three times a week. Based on his experience with C-Peptide, he was able to extend one and a half hours of training into two, or two and a half hours of intense exercise. His fine motor skills in his hands and feet no longer require daily use of the peptide, suggesting that it can restore damaged brain and nervous system functions in a shorter time than usual, or in the long term, permanently.

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